We're back! The first Finger Guns Podcast of 2020 is now live for your earholes and well, we've decided to start the year off with some fanboy baiting, because why not cause a little chaos in this messed up society eh. First up Sean lays it all on the line by throwing down a battle royale of the ages - just who has the better studios in the run up to the next generation - Sony or Microsoft? Friendships are put on this line before you can even say 'it doesn't matter, man. Games are fun'. We dissect all the games we know about from each studio to see which may come out on top in the run up to this years massive clash of the titans, the Series X and PS5. Ooft, it's exciting. Elsewhere we talk the leaked specifications of the PS5 to see if can stack up to Microsoft's tower that isn't a tower and if developers will flock to either power or popularity. Elsewhere Respawn legend Vince Zampella has joined DICE to oversee a brand new studio and we're very exciting to see what they're going to come up with. We also talk the games we've been playing over the Christmas/New Year period (essentially jumping into backlogs, as is tradition) and Sean refreshes our memory for upcoming releases in a brand new Trivia Challenge. It's a new season of quizzes so everyone's overall scores are back down to zero. Who's going to come out on top? You'll have to listen to find out. Good to be back!

Theme Music - Don't Feel (So Low) - Mid-Air Machine.

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