This week Sean, Paul and Rossko dissect just what on earth THQ Nordic have up their sleeve for the next couple of years, what they're not yet telling us and which games we're going to see first out of the gate from their ridiculous IP spending spree. We also jump into what we're most likely to see at Gamescom Opening Night Live from a huge amount of publishers providing brand new announcements along with new content.

We also delve into why we're not really all that excited about Need for Speed Heat after that rather mediocre trailer and Sean returns once again with his fiendish Trivia Challenge, but this time it's Sean that wants to kill us, rather than the other way around. I can't think why. 

We also discuss our hands-on impressions of No Man's Sky VR, Madden NFL 20, Damsel, Sagebrush, Exception and Rossko jumps back into some PS4 Sony exclusives to stress test his shiny new TV. He still doesn't like God of War and it's grounds to have him removed, tbh.

Finally we discuss the rather delicious rumour that Ewan McGregor has got himself signed up for a Disney+ based Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Let the speculation commence!

Also, what did the first person think when they walked past a gravestone? How very confusing.

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