The Retro Edition

This week the team kick back and discuss their favourite games and consoles from yesteryear in a one-off Retro Edition of your seventeenth favourite podcast. Sean, Greg, Paul and Rossko go through each generation one by one discussing some fond memories of those classic consoles, from the Amiga 500 all the way to the Dreamcast, stopping only to take part in a Retro Trivia Challenge hosted by Mr. Sean Davies. There's plenty of laughs to be had with some ridiculous stories of gaming in our youth, from nearly-complete Halo saved files being deleted to huddling around a TV playing GoldenEye with our schoolmates. There's also a story about a man with a van turning up at kids houses in Somerset and offering them games to rent for a weekend. It gets weird. Also, did you know Greg was a Resident Evil fan? You sure will by the time this episode is over.

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