HAPPY BIRTHDAY BATMAN! This week we have a full house with Sean, Paul, Greg and Rossko celebrating ten years of Rocksteady's masterpiece, Batman Arkham Asylum. We discuss what the game meant to us and how it's still impacting gaming today. We also go deep on the latest Ion Fury controversy, this time backtracking on their apology regarding offensive content. Have they caved to Steam reviews in pursuit of their creative vision? We also have a long ol' chat about the D23 Expo and its many wonders, particularly the Marvel and Star Wars announcements, get excited by The Rise of Skywalker footage and debate a certain tidbit of news regarding Spider-Man's place in the MCU. You may have heard about it? Either way, we have differing and surprising takes on this news. We also talk hands-on impressions of Erica, Superhot on Switch, Hamsterdam, Pacific Wings and um, Gears POP. Finally, the Finger Guns Trivia Challenge throws up possibly the most melodramatic conclusion in its short history.

Theme Music - Don't Feel (So Low) - Mid-Air Machine.

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