It's that time of year once again here at Finger Guns! Our annual Game(s) Of The Year reveal and we've got a cracking bunch of titles to discuss this time around. Rossko, Greg, Sean and Paul have all chosen their ultimate games that have defined their year of gaming and all are shared right here. For the first time ever, there's no overlap! Every host has chosen different games, it's a Christmas miracle! Elsewhere we rundown everything that was announced on Sony's State of Play Direct along with Nintendo's Indie World presentation, safe to say there's plenty to still get excited about looking ahead to 2020. Man, even thinking about the next few months is giving us palpitations. We also talk what we've been playing for the last week and a Game of The Year quiz tops off this rather special episode. Disagree with our GOTY choices? Course you do, let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter what you chose as your Game of the Year. We'd love to hear what it is! 

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