It's the third and final EGX 2019 special podcast from Sean and a croaky Greg. In this final episode the gents talk hands-on impressions of a ton of games including (deep breath) Zombie Army 4, Table Manners, Inertial Drift, Warborn, CrisTales, Roki, Atomicrops, Star Grave Reapers, Warp Drive, SubLevel Zero Redux, Cake Bash, Penrose Station, Unto The End, Fuzzball, Legends of Runeterra, Circuit Superstars, Murder at Malone Manor and a small game you might have heard of called Marvel's Avengers. 

Also Greg describes what he saw from the Death Stranding hands-off demonstration.

Theme Music - Don't Feel (So Low) - Mid-Air Machine. / Team: @FNGRGNS / Rossko - @RosskoKeniston / Paul - @ThePaulCollett / Greg - @GregatonBomb / Sean - @Omac_Brother / Tim - @tim_utley / Facebook: FingerGunsUK / Twitch - / If you enjoyed this podcast or any of our content, please consider supporting our Patreon >

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