The whole FingerGang (note to self: don't use that term again) gets together for Episode 25 of The Finger Guns Podcast. This week we round up all the news from the latest Nintendo Direct, we discuss the game's that have been cancelled which disappointed us the most and we wade in on the 'ex' vs 'cross' debate regarding that pesky button on a PlayStation controller.

Elsewhere, we give an update on the games we've been playing including Knights & Bikes, Fracter, Monster Hunter Worlds, Final Fantasy VIII Remaster, Plants vs. Zombies - Battle for Neighbourville, Control, Wreckfest, No Man's Sky, Headliner: Novinews and more. 

Lastly, Sean puts Rossko, Greg and Paul through a fiendish quiz on iconic Video Game Music. Can you beat their scores?

Theme Music - Don't Feel (So Low) - Mid-Air Machine. / Team: @FNGRGNS / Rossko - @RosskoKeniston / Paul - @ThePaulCollett / Greg - @GregatonBomb / Sean - @Omac_Brother / Tim - @tim_utley / Facebook: FingerGunsUK / Twitch - / If you enjoyed this podcast or any of our content, please consider supporting our Patreon >

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