The Finger Guns Podcast returns with a shiny new episode featuring Adam Boyne from Beta Jester, who stops by to talk about their terrific looking Forgotten Sea, along with how one can squeeze 1300 hours out of Rocket League and his once a year venture back into No Man's Sky. It's a fun chat regarding indie development, you're going to want to check it out. Also on this episode we get confused and annoyed with WB Montreal in regards to their teasing of the upcoming Batman that we all already know about, along with what we'd like to see from a brand new Batman game. We also talk about the PlayStation Blog Games of the Decade list and if we'd make any changes (we would), and also...well, is The Last of Us really the Best Game of the Decade? We talk it out. We also talk finally trashing Mario Kart Tour into the garbage can of gaming history along with jumping into Dreams once again to find some of the fantastic creations available on there. Also Greg jumps back into Rainbow Six Siege, with hilarious results. 

Theme Music - Don't Feel (So Low) - Mid-Air Machine.

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