This week on the latest episode of The Finger Guns Podcast, Rossko, Sean, Greg and Paul all weigh in on the GTA Online Diamond Casino controversy with a deep dive into exactly what it's all about, who it may be attempting to target and whether or not Rockstar are being slightly reckless with their microtransactions, balancing out the argument with Paul and Rossko discussing how it's actually quite fun to play if you avoid the casino floor altogether. We also try and decipher whether or not EA are holding a Gamescom press conference and have yet another horrendously difficult (for us, anyway) trivia challenge where we may or may not have completely forgotten some classic video game sound effects.

We also discuss our impressions of Wolfenstein spin-off Youngblood, the frankly terrifying multiplayer adventure The Blackout Club, Horace, Wargroove on PS4 and much more, including video game comfort food (classic games we go back to time and time again, not actual food..Greg). Also, is Dark Ghost really a game? The argument rages on.

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